Projects and Project Items - Overview

Project Items are Studio objects which provide specific functionality, such as integration of applications, data and event logic, and property configurations. You add project items by selecting the Add New Item or Add Existing Item option on the Project menu. The items you add appear in Solution Explorer.

When naming project items, components, and controls, use a unique name within the project. For example, if you have an adapter named Google and an automation named Google, you will receive an error. This also applies when naming components and controls. As a general rule, do not name components using property names. For example, if you rename a button on a Windows form Text, you will receive a build error as the form containing the button has a property named Text.

Studio project items fall into these categories:



Text Adapters


Citrix Contexts

Text-based Applications

Windows Form

Process Contexts


Windows Application

Local Contexts


Global Container









Web Application



Application Bar










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Updated: 18 June 2020

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