Text Application Integration

Pega Robotic Automation supports the following HLLAPI-compliant emulators.

Component name

Supported versions


Attachmate WRQ EXTRA XTreme/MyExtra version 7 and later
Attachmate WRQ Reflection version 11 and later.


Use BlueZone version 6.1.4 or higher because BlueZone introduced asynchronous support in that version. This greatly enhances performance.

Cail CTT

Cail CTT version 7 and later


Powerterm version 8.8.3 and later


HostExplorer version 12

ICL emulator

Fujitsu HostTalk emulator version 3.5 and later


wintergate version 6.0.1 and later

Jolly Giant

QWS3270 version 4.2.2 and later

Micro Focus

Rumba version 7.4 and later


PComm version 7 and later

OpenConnect WebConnect

OpenConnect WebConnect version 6.5.15

Note: To use Studio's  text adapters for any of these technologies, a licensed copy of the specific emulator application must already be installed.

For more information, see these topics:

Choosing a Text Adapter – Learn how to choose which text adapter to use.

Preparing an Emulator  – Learn what to check for when using a text adapter.

Setting Text Adapter Properties – Lists the properties that must be set in Studio for generic and specific WinHllapi text adapters to use interrogation.

Interrogating Text Adapter Applications – Shows how to interrogate the text adapter.

Partial Screen Matching vs Full Screen Matching – Shows when to use partial screen matching versus full screen matching.

Emulator Adapter Component Properties, Methods and Events – Shows the properties, methods, and events associated with the text adapter and with text adapter automations.

Host Applications - Property Exceptions – Lists the properties Studio uses for each emulator type.


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