Configuration Project Item Overview

Use configuration project items to create and deploy a single project using differing values for control component properties. A configuration project item is defined by profiles which are combinations of component-property-value settings. You can use multiple profiles in a configuration. When deploying the project, you can create runtime deployment files for a specific configuration profile or for all profiles.

For example, suppose you are deploying a project to three groups of users: Northeast, Southwest, and Midwest. You want the text that displays in a Windows form label to differ, depending on the group. In this case, you can create a single project and use three configuration project items. Configuration1 sets the label text to HelpDeskNE, Configuration2 sets the text to HelpDeskSW, and Configuration3 sets the text to HelpDeskMW.

Note: The configuration project item is not related to the solution build configurations and project configurations as defined via the Configuration Manager window.

See these topics for information on using Studio configuration project items:


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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