Project Deployment Overview

Note: If the Deployment Portal is installed and configured, Runtime packages are deployed to the Deployment Portal and downloads to individual desktops are also managed via the Deployment Portal.

Once you have created and debugged a Studio project, you can create a production version of the project to be deployed and run using the Runtime application. These steps are important in promoting a solution from design to production:



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Run/Debug project in Studio

Running and Debugging Studio Projects


Set Project Configuration Item profile values (if using Configuration project items)

Project Configuration Items Overview


Set Project Properties on the Application, Build, and Deployment tabs

Project Properties


Create deployment package for project using either the Deploy Project with Current Configuration function or Deploy Project with All Configurations function

Applying Configurations and Deploying a Project


Complete the Project Deployment dialog

Project Deployment Dialog


Install and configure Runtime on computers that will run the project

Runtime Application Configuration Settings XML-File


Distribute deployment package files (.manifest and .openspan) to Runtime/Agile Desktop computers

File Share Distribution, Local Folder Distribution, and
Web Server Distribution


Run and test Project using Runtime/Agile Desktop

Loading the Project

Note: A prerequisite to running a project with Runtime/Agile Desktop is making sure the Runtime installation has access to all of the applications required by the project and that the paths to the applications are the same as those used in the project.


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Opening a Deployment Package

Viewing a Deployment Package


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