Adding a Project Item

To add Project Items from other Studio projects, select Project > Add Existing Project Item. By adding an existing item, you are actually copying the .os file for the item into the project. Any changes made to the project item in its original project will not be reflected in the current project.

For example, suppose you have a Windows CRM application and have a project (CRMAuto.osproj) which contains an adapter for the CRM application and interrogated controls from the application, such as CRM.os.

If you add the CRM.os project item to your current project (NewOSLogin.osproj), the CRM.os file is copied to the NewOSLogin.osproj folder. If changes are made to the interrogation of the CRM application in the original project (CRMAuto.osproj), these changes are saved to the CRM.os file in the original folder only and not propagated to the CRMAuto.osproj folder.

To make sure you are using the most up-to-date version of a project item which originally was created in another Studio project, add the project to your solution and reference the project item. For more information, see Using Project References.


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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