New Project

To add a project to a solution, select File > New > Project. On the New Project dialog, to select a  template for the project and define the project name. You can choose from these project templates:

The New Project dialog includes these fields:




Specify the name of the project. By default, the name is project appended by a number. For example, if this is the first project you are creating, the default is project1.


Use this field to set the location for the solution and project files. By default, the location of the solution and project files are in the user's C:\Users\username\Documents\Pega Robotics Studio\Projects folder.

Solution Name

Displays a name for the solution that contains the new project. If this is a new solution, enter a solution name and make sure the Create directory for the solution field is checked. This tells the system to create a folder (named as the solution) under the Location entry and add the new project file (named as the project) to that folder. In addition, a projectname.user file is created and these folders are created:

  • bin – The location for debug and release files created as part of build

  • obj – The location for temporary object files created as part of build

  • Properties – Contains the ImportTypeMap.resx and Resources.resx files

An automation.os file is also created if you choose the Pega Robotic Automation Project template.

You can also add a Studio project to an existing solution. In this case, make sure the Create directory for the solution box is not checked.


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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