Citrix - Overview

You can use Pega Robotic Automation to create solutions that run in Citrix environments. Using a custom Citrix context within Studio solutions, you can integrate applications running on the Citrix server with those running on the Citrix client machines.

Note: See Using Citrix Contexts, which you can download from the Robotic Automation product page, for detailed configuration information and a hands-on exercise for Studio. The examples will help you better understand how to use Studio and Citrix.

Here are some example configurations:  

Use the Context project item to designate the adapters, automations, and other project items to be launched from the Citrix server.

Note: When you build an automation in Citrix mixed-mode, keep in mind the automation can only have one exit point and it can only return one parameter. For more information on Studio and Citrix mixed-mode, see Using Pega Robotic Automation and Citrix Streaming Applications.

If in a Citrix farm all applications are running on all servers, you must have a context for each server. Also, Runtime must be running on both the Citrix server and the client machine.

To use Citrix Contexts, you must do the following:

  1. Install Studio and Runtime on the appropriate machines

  2. Install the Virtual Channel Setup file

  3. Create solutions using the Citrix Context project item

  4. Configure the Citrix Context project item

  5. Test solutions locally

  6. Deploy solutions to Citrix Clients

  7. Test solutions on Citrix Clients

Note: For information on the ShutdownRuntime utility, see Shutting down Runtime in a Citrix implementation.


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