Citrix - Project Items in Solutions

Creating solutions that run applications in a Citrix environment require you to determine which applications run in the local, desktop environment and which applications run on Citrix servers.

For each application running on a Citrix server, you will need to place the adapter for that application in a Citrix Context. A Citrix Context is a project item that sets all of the information OpenSpan requires to connect to the server and load the appropriate application.

Consider the following simple solution, Calc-Notepad. The Calc.exe application is running locally on the users desktop. The Notepad.exe application is running on the Citrix server. In this case, your Solution Explorer would look like the following:

To add a Context Project Item to a Studio project, right-click the project in Solution Explorer and select Add > New Context. Then choose the Citrix context type.

Note: Imported projects and types cannot be used within a Citrix context.


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