Citrix - Automations

Automations in Citrix projects are subject to certain design rules dictated by applications context.

See the sample automations below to see illustrations of these design requirements.


Initiating event sets automation context

This example shows a project with two Windows applications (Calculator and Notepad). The Notepad application runs in the Citrix context and Calculator runs locally. In this project, the M+ button on the Calculator pushes text to Notepad. The initiating event for the automation logic is the Calc.Button.Click. Since the Calculator application is running in the Local context, this automation should be in the Local context as well.


Executing automations across contexts

You can use Entry points along with the Automation.Execute() method to run an automation in another context. Note that the control which triggers an Exit point must exist in the same context as the automation calling the Entry point.


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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