Citrix - Virtual Channel Installation Files

Pega Robotic Automation is compatible with versions 10.2 and higher of the Citrix client. You must run a setup program (PegaCitrixChannelDriverSetup.exe) to add the Studio drivers to the Citrix Independent Computing Architecture (ICA) virtual channel directory. This adds the functionality required to run Studio solutions between Citrix servers and clients.

  1. Unzip the file. This file is included in the Pega Robotic Automation Runtime download.

  2. Copy the PegaCitrixChannelDriverSetup.exe file to each Citrix client.

  3. Run the PegaCitrixChannelDriverSetup.exe file and specify the path to wfica32.exe and wfcrun.exe files. By default, these .exe files are located in the C:\Program Files\Citrix\ICA Client folder.  

The setup program installs the following files:  

Studio adds a key and a name to the registry, which should be done with the Virtual Channel Setup.


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