Working with Multiple Projects

Studio lets you have multiple projects in a single a solution. However, you can only run/deploy a single project (the StartUp Project). This lets you reference project items using the Manage Imported Types and Projects functions.

To create a solution containing multiple Studio projects and use project items across the projects:

  1. Create a new project by selecting File > New > Project and then select the Pega Robotic Automation Project template (containing an automation).

  2. Select the name, location, and solution name. Make sure the Create directory for solution box is checked, then click OK to create the solution and new project. By default, this is the StartUp project for the solution.

  3. Add the project which contains the adapters/controls and, if required, automations you want to use with the main StartUp project. To add a project to your existing solution, right-click the solution and select Add > Existing Project. Go to the project location and then select the .osproj file you want to use. Click OK to continue.

  4. To use the project items in the project you added to the solution, you must create a built assembly file of the project. Highlight the project you added, right-click and select Build.

  5. The Build messages appear in the Output window (make sure the Show output from: box is set to Build). If the build is successful, the path and name of the project assembly displays in an Output window message and the summary line shows:" ========== Build: 1 succeeded."

  6. Repeat these steps to add additional projects containing adapters and automations (if required).

    : If you make changes to a project you added to the solution and then build the project, these changes are reflected in the original project files. Conversely, if changes are made to the project external to your solution, the changes will appear your solution.

  7. To use the adapters and automations from the existing projects, add the projects as references to the main, StartUp project. For more information, see Add Project References.

  8. After adding the project references, you import the adapters (types) or projects (adapters and automations) required for your main project. For more information, see Manage Imported Types and Projects.

  9. Once you have imported the adapters and automations you want to use with your StartUp project, complete the StartUp project by creating the automations required for the business logic you want to automate or the event data you want to collect. You can add additional adapters to the StartUp project and interrogate other applications as necessary.

  10. When you have finished creating the StartUp project, run and debug the solution. Correct any errors as required.

  11. To deploy the StartUp project, click the Deploy Project with Current Configuration button. For more information, see Project Deployment Dialog. Note that when you deploy a project with imported types and/or projects, the assemblies for the referenced projects appear on the References tab in the Project Deployment window.


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