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The Log Viewer lets you read and work with SuperTrace® diagnostics output which can be extracted from Studio, Runtime, and/or other devices/applications. Log Viewer is automatically installed with Studio and is included as an installation option for Runtime.

To use SuperTrace, you must set the Mode for the SuperTrace Publisher to On under Studio and/or Runtime Diagnostics. Additional SuperTrace configuration settings are in the openspan.ini file. If enabled, the system writes SuperTrace logs to the application working directory (such as C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\OpenSpan Studio for VS 2015\SuperTraceLogs. To view SuperTrace messages, use the Log Viewer application. You can launch the Log Viewer from Studio by choosing Tools  >  Log Viewer. When using Runtime, launch the Log Viewer application from the Runtime installation folder.


Display and Function

You can group column data by drag two or more column headings into the grid area above the column headers. You can also drag a column heading to the left or the right, and then drop it into the new location.


Viewing SuperTrace output

To view the STDiagnosticLog.xml file (SuperTrace output).

  1. Choose the Open XML File option from the Log Viewer File menu. The Open window is displayed.

  2. Browse to the location of the file and click Open.

Note: For example, if Studio and Runtime are both being processed by SuperTrace and Studio was started first, the output file is in the same directory as Studio.


Exporting data

You can export one or more rows as text, perform these steps:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Click the row that you want to export.

    • Hold down the Ctrl key, and then click as many rows as you want to export.

    • Hold down the Shift key, and then click the first row and the last row in the group of rows that you want to export.

Your selection is highlighted.

  1. Click . The Save As window is displayed.

  2. Select .txt files (*.txt) in the Save as type list and then browse to the location where you want to save the data.

  3. Click Save.


Searching data

You can search all of the rows of messages displaying in Log Viewer, by performing these steps.

  1. Click the Search menu and then select Find. The Find dialog opens.

  2. Type the item you are searching for in the Find What field.

  3. Check Match Case, Match Whole Word, or Search up to filter the results if appropriate.

  4. Click Find Next. The first row containing the item for which you are searching scrolls to the top of the screen. Subsequent rows containing the item are indicated by a dark gray arrow in the left border of the grid.


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