SuperTrace® is a third-party application that collects diagnostic messages for each process thread active during the running of a project. SuperTrace is one of the available output options for use with Studio's Trace diagnostic publisher.

To enable and configure SuperTrace logging, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Application Diagnostics (set Mode to On)

  2. Enable the Trace Publisher (set Mode to On)

  3. Select SuperTrace as a Trace Output option

Note: Enabling SuperTrace through the Studio or Runtime Diagnostics options changes the openspan.ini file. You may receive a message indicating that you need elevated system privileges to commit the changes as the openspan.ini file is located in the system's Application folder. Depending on your operating system and system privileges, you may not be able to write changes to files in this folder.

Once enabled, SuperTrace writes log files to the designated SuperTraceLogs folder as the Studio project runs. When the project stops, the logs are combined into a .txt and/or .xml file. The log files and the combined .xml file can be opened using the Log Viewer application. You can launch the Log Viewer directly from Studio by choosing Tools >  Log Viewer.


SuperTrace log files

The Trace Options define the level and types of process information output to SuperTrace. In addition, the openspan.ini file contains settings which define how the log files generated by SuperTrace are managed. See the Openspan.ini File topic for more information on the SuperTrace configuration options. The information reported through SuperTrace include:


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