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Event log and event source creation are privileged operations. Creation of a new event log, new event source, or reassignment of an existing event source to a different event log is an administrative operation and must be done under an Admin user's credentials. To enable application event logging (for Studio or Runtime), you must change the corresponding configuration files. Then, return to the application and use the Diagnostics Configuration options. For more information, see Application Event Messages.

If a deployed Studio project uses either Entry/Exit Point logging or the EventLog Component, Studio tries to create and write to the designated logs:

LogName: OS_AUTOMATION, Source: OpenSpan Automation

LogName: OS_EVTLOG, Source: Runtime

See the Limitations section for requirements on writing to the Windows event logs.


Application event messages

To log application event messages originating from running Studio projects, add the following XML code to the Diagnostics section of the configuration file:

<publisher mode="on" trace_mode="on"



       type="OpenSpan.Diagnostics.Publishers.EventLogPublisher" />

After modifying the Studio or Runtime configuration file, use the Diagnostics Configuration dialog in Studio or Runtime or both and do the following:

  1. Set the Application Diagnostics Settings mode to On.

  2. Set EventPublisher mode to On.

  3. Use the Diagnostics Configuration - Log Categories to set the event categories and corresponding levels for which messages are written to the log.

  4. Configure the event log by using the Event Log Configuration dialog (in Studio, Options > OpenSpan > Event Log Configuration dialog).For more information, see Event Log Configuration.


Automation entry/exit point messages

To log automation Entry point and Exit point event messages (such as: Entry point 'Execute' execution started, Entry point 'Execute' execution completed), set the LogEvents property to True on the Entry and/or Exit point and use the Event Log Configuration dialog (Tools > Options > OpenSpan) to Enable logging.

Entry/Exit point events are logged to the Runtime application log as set up in the Event Log Configuration dialog and configuration file. Note that event logging at the application level must be configured and enabled (as described in the Application Event Messages section of this topic).  

For more information, see Event Logging - Entry Point Logging.



There are several limitations regarding the use of event logging:


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