Build and Run Options

To start and debug a project in Studio, click the Start Debugging button on the main toolbar:

To stop the project, click the Stop button from the Debug toolbar:

The Build and Run options that are set from the Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions determine how any pending file changes are handled. See the Configuration Options topic for more information on these options. By default, Studio uses the most current versions of the project files that have been saved. If there are pending changes, you are prompted to save the files before starting the project. If you elect not to save the files, the project runs without the changes.


Solution configurations

The Solution Configurations options let you choose whether you want to run in Debug mode (the default) or Release mode. In Debug mode, the project files are built to the project's bin\debug folder. Included in the debug folder are the .pdb files which are useful for further project debugging.

In Release mode, project files are built to the project's \bin\Release folder. For example, starting the Calc.proj project creates the following files bin\Release folder:

While starting the same project in Debug mode creates the following files in the bin\debug folder:


Solution platforms

The Solution Platforms options let you select the from the available platforms for which to build the solution. When you change the active solution platform, the change is applied to all projects in the solution. To create new solution platforms and modify existing ones, select Configuration Manager from the list.


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