Output Window

The Output window (View > Output) lets you view Build, Debug, Studio (Designer), and Runtime messages when you start or debug a Studio project. To see Studio diagnostic information in the Output window, you must set the Application Diagnostics and Output Publisher modes to On. For more information, see Diagnostics Configuration Dialog.


Output window message information

By default, the Output window opens when a project is started. From the selection box at the top of the window, you can choose the type of message you want to view: Build, Debug, Studio, or Runtime.

Note: See the MSDN Output Window topic for more information.

This table describes the Studio and Runtime information displayed in the Output window when running or debugging a Studio project:




Shows the message type, such as Error, Warning, Info, or Verbose.


The time at which the message was written.


Thread ID being executed.


Shows the appropriate log category for the message. Here are example Runtime categories:

  • Windows adapter

  • Matching

  • Adapters

Example Designer categories are:

  • Build

  • Serialization

  • Type Resolution

Design Component

Shows the project item for the message (such as the adapter name, automation name, and so on).


Shows the interrogated control for the message (for example, ToolBar with message "Control is matched. Target: HWND..., ParentTarget: HWND...).


Shows the diagnostic message text. Here are examples of Runtime messages:

  • Control is matched. Target: ....., ParentTarget: .....

  • Adapter started

  • Window Created - HWND:......

  • Automation: Automation1 - ExecutionLink From: project_item.controlname.designblock To: project_item.controlname.designblock


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