Using the TestRunner Application

The unit testing application, named TestRunner, is installed with  Studio. You can run TestRunner from within Studio or as a stand-alone application.


Using TestRunner from Studio

  1. In Studio, select Project > Run Unit Tests. Studio builds the project and launches the project in Runtime. The Unit Tests window is displayed.

  2. Close the Unit Tests window to close Runtime and return to the Studio Designer.


Using the stand-alone TestRunner application

TestRunner executes test automations in deployment package files (.openspan assembly). Before running TestRunner, create a deployment package for the project you want to use. Follow these steps to run test automations via the TestRunner application.

  1. Go to your Studio installation folder. Typically, this will be in the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\OpenSpan\OpenSpan Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio 2015\

  1. Open the \Applications folder and locate the OpenSpan.TestRunner.exe file.

  2. Double-click the OpenSpan.TestRunner.exe file. The TestRunner window is displayed.

  3. Select File > Open Package or click the Open Package button.

  4. Go to the .openspan file for the project you want to test. TestRunner loads the tests automations and launches the adapter applications. Here is an example:

  5. Click the Run Tests button. TestRunner runs the test automations in the project and returns the results. Here are some example results.

Test failed!         Account not created (not matched w/in timeout)
Test successful!     MDIParent Created (matched)
Test successful!     New Call Window Created (matched)

  1. To save the results, select Tools > Save Test Results. TestRunner opens the Save window. Select the location to save the file. The results are saved in XML format.


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