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The options available from the View option on the Studio main menu let you open project items in the Designer and show or hide tool windows.




Opens the highlighted project item in the Designer. Enabled when you highlight a project item in Solution Explorer.

Solution Explorer

Opens the Solution Explorer window.

Server Explorer

Provides access to the server management console for Visual Studio. Use this window to open data connections and to log on to servers and explore their databases and system services.

Bookmark Window

Opens the Bookmark window.

Error List

Opens the Error List window. See the MSDN How to: Debug Code in the Editor topic for more information.


Opens the Output window which displays build, debug, and other output messages. See the MSDN Output Window topic for more information.

To display the Output window whenever you build a project, select the Show Output window when Build Starts option in the Options dialog (Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > General).

To display system messages to the Output window, turn the Application Diagnostics Settings Mode and Output Publisher Mode to On (Tools >  Options >  OpenSpan > Diagnostics). For more information, see Running and Debugging Projects - Overview.


Opens the Toolbox window.

Find Results

Opens a Find Results window to show the matches when the Find and Replace functions are used.

Other Windows

In addition to the standard layout windows, choose this option to open any of the following windows:

  • Command Window

  • Macro Explorer

  • Web Browser


Opens the Navigator window.

Object Explorer

Opens the Object Explorer window.

Automation Playback

Starts the Automation Playback feature which lets you animate the automation activities recorded in Runtime log files so you can spot and resolve problems with your automations. For more information see Using Automation Playback.


Lets you view the available toolbars for the Studio design environment. The commonly selected toolbars are: Debug, OpenSpan Automation, and Standard.

Full Screen

Fills the screen  with the display of the Designer window.

All Windows

Opens all minimized windows.

Navigate Backward  

Lets you switch the project item currently open in the Designer to the active window by moving backwards.

Navigate  Forward

Lets you switch the project item currently open in the Designer to the active window by moving forwards.

Properties Window

Opens the Properties window.

Properties Pages

Opens the Application, Build, and Resources pages in the Designer for the project highlighted in Solution Explorer. For more information, see Project Properties.


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