Debug Menu Options

The options available from the Debug option on the Studio main menu let you use standard debugging functions, such as using breakpoints and selecting the debug windows to display. The options available on the menu differ depending on whether you are currently debugging a project (Start Debugging selected) or not.

These tables describe the Debug menu options available to you while a project is running:




Select this option to choose the Debug window to display. You can choose from:

  • Breakpoints

  • Output

  • Immediate

Start Debugging

Debugs the currently selected project. If the project builds without error, it is then run.

Start without Debugging

Starts the solution but without invoking any debugging features such as breakpoints and handled exception messages.

Attach to Process

Debugs a solution running in a different process. This could be another instance of Studio, Runtime, or a third-party application hosting Runtime. The other process must reside on the same machine on which the user is currently running Studio. When you select this option, the Processes window is displayed. See the MSDN Processes Dialog Box topic for more information.

Step Into

Moves execution forward in an automation across each link (both data and event). The shortcut is F11.

Step Over

Moves an automation forward to the next event link, omitting data connections. The shortcut is F10.

Toggle Breakpoint

Creates or removes a breakpoint on selected links. The shortcut is F9.

Delete All Breakpoints

Removes all breakpoints in the current automation. The shortcut is Ctrl+Shift+F9.


Lets you specify the options you use most often when debugging.



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