Using Studio's Tool Windows

The Tool Windows are used for working with the entire solution, project, and project items. These windows provide core functionality for designing projects. Use the View option to open tool windows.

Note: In addition to the main windows listed above, Studio provides windows for use in debugging. For more information, see Debug Functions.



Solution Explorer

Displays the Project Items added for the project

Object Explorer

All solution controls such as interrogated application targets, automations, and controls/components display in the tree view in the top part of this window. The lower part of the window, called the Object Inspector, displays properties, methods, and events for any item selected in the Object Explorer controls hierarchy.

Properties Grid

Displays properties for project items, controls, and components that are set during the design of the project and are not changed by automation logic.


Contains Studio components used for executing logic in automations.

Designer Window

Displays editing functions for solution items, projects, and project items.


Displays all instances of a selected object and their locations within the solution (automations, Windows forms, and so on) is displayed here. For invalid connections due to broken links and missing controls, the names of all invalid connections appear.



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