Toolbox Window

Studio's Toolbox window contains components along with standard. .NET components. You can modify the components and groups within the Toolbox (add components, remove components, create groups) by right-clicking on the toolbox and selecting Choose Items. For more information, see Adding Toolbox Items.

This topic describes the following:

Toolbox tabs




Contains a standard set of variable types.

Unit Test

Includes the TestFailed and TestSuccessful components for unit testing.


Provides components for getting information about the project at run time.


Contains components for querying databases and creating data views.


Provides connection objects that let Studio projects interface with Microsoft Office applications. This tab also contains components for working with web services.

Comparison & Expressions

Contains data comparison functions (Greater Than, Equals, Does Not Equal, and so on) and expression objects (Boolean, Numeric, and String).


Contains components for executing specialized OpenSpan functions within an automation, such as looping, working with strings, and controlling event path execution.

All Windows Forms

Contains components for controlling aspects of Windows forms, such as the pointer or tool tips and calling standard dialogs, such as the Print, Save, Color, and Font dialogs.

Common Controls

Contains these controls:

  • Pointer

  • NotifyIcon

  • Tooltip


Includes components for system functions, such as DirectoryEntry, ErrorProvider, EventLog, MessageQueue, ServiceCotroller, and Timer.


Contains print-related components, such as PageSetuDialog, PrintDialog, and PrintDocument.


Provides preconfigured dialog boxes for use in Windows applications. You can use these dialogs to let end users specify common actions such as opening or saving a file.


This tab is initially blank. You can drag items onto this tab to include them in the toolbox.



Toolbox context menu options

By right-clicking in the Toolbox window, you can choose the functions listed below. See the MSDN Toolbox topic for more information.


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