Using the CallScript Component

To use the CallScript component follow these steps.

  1. Open the automationExecutable logic created within Studio. that contains the logic to launch the CallScript.

  2. Provide any required data to the CallScript.

  3. Select the CallScript component in the toolbox and drag it to the automation.

  4. Select the Script propertyA feature (length, font, and so on) that describes an object. for the component to open the CallScript Editor dialog and enter the script.

  5. Enter variables (called tokens).

  6. Enclose the variable name in curly brackets. Here is an example: {customer}.

  7. Save the script by clicking OK in the CallScript Editor window. Data input points automatically appear for any tokens that you have created.

  8. Use the CallScript Show method to display the CallScript pop-up or device box. Here is an  example:


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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