Automations - Entry and Exit Points

Automation Entry and Exit point functions let you pass calls (execution) between automations and pass parameters execution and result values.


Entry Point

To add an Entry point, right-click in an automation and select Add Entry Point.

Click the + button in the Execute block to add parameters. To change a parameter type, click the parameter type once it is displayed. Select the desired parameter type from the list. You can choose from these standard parameter types:

You can also click Browse to pick a parameter type from a list of available namespaces.


Exit Point

With an Execute block, you can add an Exit component to the automation and use it to pass a result back to the automation that called the Execute method. You can also have more than one Exit point in an automation.

Note: When a parameter is added to one exit point, the same parameter is added to all Exit points in that automation. Both input parameters from the entry method and the output parameters from the exit points appear on the Execute method for the automation.  


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