Expression Method parameters

Control methods which execute on a specific object or item (such as ListView.FindItem) often have expression parameters which enable you to specify object.  See the MSDN DataColumn.Expression Property topic for more information on expression string syntax. This topic describes some of the key features of the expression syntax and how to create the expression parameter in an automation.

Expression syntax:


Creating expression parameters in automations

To create an expression for use with a ListView method, add a StringUtils component to the automation and use the StringUtils.Format method. The following example shows using the ListView.FindItem(expr) method. In this automation, a Windows Form contains two text boxes which let the user find a ListView item by entering a column name and value. The StringUtils.Format( ) method is used to create the expression: [ColumnName from SearchColumnNameTextbox]='Search String for ColumnSearchStrng':


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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