Wildcard Text Parameters

Pega Robotic Automation supports the use of wild cards with text string parameters for applicable controls. This topic describes how to use the wildcard for text matching in method parameters and for use with match rules.

Wildcard Description

Use the asterisk "*” character to indicate a wildcard. The following requirements apply to using wild cards:

Asterisks placed within the middle of a string are treated as literals. For example, the wildcard string: F* Yoder would not match Fred Yoder.

See the following examples using the wildcard with the ComboBox.Find(wildcard) method where the ComboBox contains these items:

Wildcard parameter input

Item Found

Method Result


Fred Yoder



Frank Parden


S* Tackett




Stephanie Tackett



Wild Cards in Match Rules

When using wild cards with match rules, enter any wildcard parameters into the top text field of the Match Rule Editor (not the bottom).


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