KeyPress Event

The a control's KeyPress event occurs when a key is pressed while the control has focus. Note that this event fires after the KeyDown event. The order in which the events occur are:

  1. KeyDown event occurs when a key is pressed.

  2. KeyPress event occurs.

  3. KeyUp event occurs when the key is released.

This event has the following arguments:. To access the arguments, click the double-down arrow at the top of the connection block.




The name of the control initiating the event.

Handled (type Boolean)

Gets or sets a Boolean value that indicates whether the control's default handling is bypassed. When set to True the default control handling is not used. Note that the effect of bypassing the default control handling differs depending on the control. See the MSDN KeyEventArgs topic for more information.

KeyChar (type char)

Gets the character corresponding to the key that was pressed.

For example, if the A key is pressed, the KeyChar is "A”.

If a command key is pressed (for example, ENTER), nothing is output for the KeyChar.


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