Identifying Targets on MDI Child Windows

When connecting the data path between properties where the context changes or does not exist, Studio automatically displays the Key parameter. A Key parameter will be created for each parent object so depending on the control, multiple Key parameters may appear on the connection block. An example is shown below for a text box on an MDI Child window. The key parameter is displayed for the text box on the MDI Child window.

The  Key parameter has the following options.

This automation logic shows setting the key value to Active where the Designer chose to pass data from an Application Bar to the currently Active MDI child window's text boxes.

The following automation logic shows setting the key value to a specific instance of the MDI child window's text box.

After you make the first connection between objects on a MDI child window, you can continue the previous key setting for the rest of the connections. For more information, see Using the Upstream Key/Override Key.


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