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When a session is launched, WebConnect dynamically assigns a new session ID for this instance. The session ID cannot be configured and gets assigned to a mainframe session based solely on the order in which the sessions are launched. The WebConnect EHllapi adapter automatically discovers the next session that is started. Therefore, the WebConnect EHllapi adapter must be started before a new WebConnect session is launched. When the next WebConnect session starts, the WebConnect EHllapi adapter will hook into this instance for automation.

To make sure the WebConnect EHllapi adapter can detect the correct session, set the StartOnProjectStart property for the web adapter to False and then launch the web adapter based on the Started event of the WebConnect EHllapi.

This example automation shows sample logic for working with a WebConnect session. In this example, UMICH represents the WebConnect EHllapi application and localhost represents the WebConnect web application. Image1 is the session displayed in the web application.

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