With version Studio 8.0.1026 and later, you can control an ICL emulator, such as the Fujitsu HostTalk emulator. This project item is displayed as one of the Text adapters. To use this emulator, be sure to set these properties:




Enter the path to the iclhll32.dll file.


Specifies the type of emulator. The default is VT7561. Change this to VT320 to test the VT320 emulator.


Enter the path to the executable you want to use to launch the emulator. Note that the VT320 emulator has a different path than the VT7561 emulator.


Enter the path to the file that contains the session information. This file must be created by the emulator when configuring the session. It must be saved in a location that the Pega user has privileges to access.


Specifies how often a refresh occurs in milliseconds. The default is 5000. To speed up processing, you can set it to a lower value, such as 100.


Do not change the default value, which specifies a 25x80 screen since the emulator has one more than the standard 24 rows.

Keep in mind these differences between the Fujitsu HostTalk adapter and the standard WinHllapi adapter.


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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