Additional Configuration Files

The following files are used by Studio and Runtime/Agile Desktop.

Note: These files do not require modification.

File Name



This file applies to Studio and is installed with Studio in the application folder.

Do not change the contents of this file.


This file applies both to Studio and Runtime. This file provides the means to apply attributes to classes not owned by Studio.


This file lists the classes used by the Studio platform.


This file lists the assemblies and toolbox items for Studio.


This file shows the rules set up through the Studio's auto-naming rules function.


This file lists the translators used by the Studio platform.


This file lists the default properties, methods, and events that display for objects in Studio's Object Explorer.


Applies to Studio and contains all configured default values. To set one of these defaults, while in Property View, right-click on a property and choose the Default Value option.


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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