Creating a Range Object

Create an Excel File Connector range object to specify the subset of the data in a worksheet for an automation. To define the range, specify the sheet name and the start and end addresses of the range. To add a range, follow these steps:

  1. In Robotic Automation Studio, open Object Explorer.

  2. Under Connectors, right-click ExcelConnector.

  3. Select Add Range. The system adds the range object and denotes it with an R in the upper, left-hand corner of the Range icon.

To determine which Excel File Connector the range object belongs to, look at the name in the component tray (excelRange on excelConnector) or look at the Excel File Connector property for the range. The system keeps this range in memory.   

If you make a change to the range and you want to save that change to the Excel File Connector, call the Commit method in your automation. If you have made changes to an Excel File Connector that overlap with a range, call the Load method to add the new values to the range.

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