REST client component

Use this component to make a REST API call. If the REST API call returns output data, you can retrieve this data and use it in an automation. This component uses the JSON format for making the request and for receiving output from the request.

When you add this component to an automation, Pega Robotic Automation Studio places the component on the Global tab of the component tray. Make this component global so other automations in the project can reference it. You can find this component in the Advanced section of the  Pega Robotic Automation Studio toolbox.

This component works similarly to the Pega Robot Manager REST Client component except you can use it for any REST call instead of only for REST calls to Robot Manager. This component also differs from the Robot Manager REST Client component in the following ways:


The REST client component includes the following parameters:




Defines the authorization header value of the request. Click this parameter to open the Authorization Header Editor and set the authentication method as Basic, Bearer, Custom, or None.


Specifies whether you sent the default user credentials for the currently logged in user with the request.


Clears what is set in the authorization header in the component properties of the automation.


Sets the authorization header as Basic. This parameter has two string input parameters, username and password.


Sets the authorization header as Bearer. This parameter has one string input parameter, token.


Sets the authorization header as Custom. This parameter has one string input parameter, value.


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