Using the Signal Component

When you add a Signal component to an automation, the component is displayed in the Component tray. To use the component, apply the methods: Wait, SignalOne, and/or SignalAll.

For example, when automating a form within a Windows application, the application may raise modal dialogs in response to a tab selection. The dialogs are not raised in every situation, but one or more dialogs may be raised.

In this scenario, the main execution thread may need to wait until all dialogs have been cleared by calling Wait. As each dialog is created a new thread is spawned that closes the modal dialog and calls SignalOne to notify the waiting thread.

When SignalOne is called, the Wait method returns True to the main execution thread. The main execution thread can then call Wait again to re-enter the wait period.

If no modals are created before the timeout interval elapses, Wait returns False and the main thread can continue execution.


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Updated: 18 June 2020

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