CredentialStore Component

The CredentialStore component lets Studio store items such as user name and password in an encrypted format for use in an automation. Studio and Runtime place this information in the AppInfo file in the following directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\John Doe\Application Data\OpenSpan, Inc\OpenSpan Studio

The user name will change based on the applicable user. Studio based this component on the Windows Data Protection object.






Result Type


Clears all settings from the CredentialStore.




Gets the applications associated with the object.  


String applications

GetCredentials (four parameters)

Gets the user name, password, and domain name from the named application. Outputs True for the result if the CredentialStore parameters are successfully retrieved.

String name of application

String user name, String password, String domain, Boolean result

IsCredentialsSet (one parameter)

This method returns a value of True if the Credential Store has been set. The input parameter is the application name. The output is True if set, otherwise it is False.

String name of application

Boolean result

SetCredentials (four parameters)

Sets the user name, password, and domain name for the named application.

String application name, String userName, String password, String domain

Void result


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