Agile Desktop Overview

OpenSpan version 7.0 and higher includes Agile Desktop, a user-friendly, unified presentation component that makes it easy to present solutions to your end users in a customizable, easy-to-use, and thoroughly modern interface. In addition, OpenSpan includes these ready-to-go plug-ins which you can use to create a unified user experience:

Used with the Start My Day innovation, this lets you get your Runtime/Agile Desktop users up and running quickly, efficiently and securely.

You configure Agile Desktop using the interaction.xml file. During this configuration, you define the information which will be presented to end users and set options specific to each plug-in. For more information, see Using the Interaction.xml File.

When an end user installs OpenSpan Runtime, the Setup wizard installs both the standard Runtime application and Agile Desktop. The wizard also prompts you to decide whether you will use the standard Runtime application or Agile Desktop. For more information, see the applicable OpenSpan Runtime Installation Guide.

Who should use it?

We recommend that all OpenSpan customers use Agile Desktop. All OpenSpan Services developers will use Agile Desktop.