Using OpenSpan Studio - Properties Window

The Properties grid displays the Design properties for a selected project item, control, or component. Note that the grid only shows the properties that are statically set at design time. Addition properties can be accessed from the Object Inspector in the Object Explorer.

This topic describes the following:

Properties Grid Example

Here is an example of the Properties grid for a Web adapter:


Properties Grid  drop-down combobox

The drop-down combobox at the top of the Properties grid lets you select from any of the other controls that are of the same level or lower than the control selected in Object Explorer. For example, for the Web adapter (Google application) shown in Object Explorer below:

The drop-down combobox on the Properties grid shows the corresponding child controls:


Properties Grid Functions

There are three function buttons at the top of the Properties grid window:

The bottom of the window lists the currently selected property.  It includes a short developer note about the property.  

Links to perform specific functions appear at the bottom of the grid. The links that appear depend on the selected control.