Using Project References

OpenSpan Studio projects can reference other OpenSpan Studio projects and use the referenced project items. In addition, non-OpenSpan projects, such as .NET C# applications, can reference OpenSpan projects to use interrogated controls in integrated applications.

For example, an OpenSpan project may have all of the necessary controls interrogated from a CRM windows application and you want to use some or all of the controls from the CRM application in your project. In this case, you create a Solution which contains your main project and the OpenSpan project which contains the interrogated CRM application controls.  

For the main (StartUp) project to use the controls within another OpenSpan project, follow these steps:

Note: OpenSpan does not support renaming assemblies. Once you add a reference to a project, you cannot rename the assembly or reference.  The referenced assembly name must match the fully pathed assembly file name.