OpenSpan Studio | Using TargetPath Property

The TargetPath applies when the target application, that is the application you want to interrogate, is launched by one or more other applications. The target application is launched as the result of one or more other processes (applications) occurring first. In this case, the Path property defines the executable that starts the target application. The TargetPath identifies the executable that will be interrogated and automated by the project.

When you make entries in both the Path and TargetPath fields, set the StartMethod to StartAndWait. Note the application you enter in the Path property cannot be interrogated, nor can any other process that it starts. The only application you can interrogate is the application entered in the TargetPath.

Set the Path property to the name and full path of the application that launches the target application. Enter the name of the target application in the TargetPath property. You do not need to enter the full path in the TargetPath.

In order for OpenSpan projects to work properly with TargetPath applications, you must set the TargetEnvironment property of the Project to Driver. Users of the deployed project will need to have the OpenSpan driver installed on their workstations. The driver is installed during the OpenSpan Runtime installation by selecting the "Install OpenSpan.sys driver" option.

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