Adding Menu Items

You can include controls for menu items in OpenSpan solutions. Menus are not interrogated directly, instead you use a special function, Add Menu Items, available from the Object Explorer while the application is open in the Interrogator.

Note: The Add Menu Option is not supported for Internet Explorer versions 7 and above.

  1. Open the application in the designer and click Start Interrogation.

  2. In the Object Explorer, right-click the form containing the Menu you want to add and then select Add Menu Items from the local menu. Note you can also add control regions from the Windows, Web or Java tab by highlight the target, right-clicking and selecting Add Menu Items  


  3. The Add Menu Items dialog appears. An example for the Calculator applications follows:


  4. Click the menu options you want. Menu controls for each selected are added to the Object Explorer and appear as matched while the application is open and interrogator active.

  5. The Menu Item Path match rule is used to match the Menu controls. The rule identifies the full path for selecting the item. For example, using the Help - About Calculator Menu Item, the Path displays in the Selected Match Rule Property Grid as: Help/About Calculator.


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