Creating a project using the New Project Wizard

If you are using 19.1.43 or later, use the New Project Wizard to create and configure new projects that are part of your Pega solution. You can add adapters, automations, and other project items, and even configure properties on the project items and add components to automations. Adding multiple project items is easy when done through the wizard—you can continue adding items through the same interface until you make all your changes.
In the wizard, you can set important properties on your project items when you create them, if you choose to. For example, on a web adapter you can set the Start Page, the Start method, the Start My Day option, and the Friendly Name while adding the adapter. Access shortcuts for adding commonly used components to Global Containers and for creating Configurations.
And finally, the wizard provides you with tools to add automations by using automation templates that you can create.

  1. On the File menu, click New > Pega Robot New Project Wizard.

  2. In the New Project Wizard dialog box, in the Project name field, enter a descriptive label for the project.

  3. In the Target Framework list, select the .NET framework that you want to use for your project. The list contains the .NET frameworks that are installed on your computer; the latest version is the default selection, and is rarely changed.

  4. In the Location field, specify the directory where you want to store your project files. This field defaults to the folder where Robot Studio documents are stored—a Projects folder in MyDocuments under the Robot Studio or Visual Studio 2015 folder.

  5. Choose to create a new solution, or add this project to an existing solution. When no solution is open, the only option is Create new solution. When a solution is open, the default is Add to solution.

  6. For new solutions, in the Solution name field, enter a descriptive label for the new solution. (This option and the next one are only available when creating a solution.)

  7. For new solutions, to name the folder based on the name of the solution, select the Create directory from solution check box.

  8. Create the project and start adding items by clicking Next.

For more information, see Using the New Project Wizard.

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Updated: 04 October 2021

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