Using the ToastNotification component

Beginning with build 19.1.38, you can add  a ToastNotification component to the toolbox so that you can display toast-style notifications. A toast notification is a nonmodal window element that you can use to display brief messages that automatically expire. The following example shows an informational toast notification:

Adding a toast notification

  1. From the toolbox, add a ToastNotification component to your solution.
  2. In Object Explorer, select your ToastNotification component and drag the Show method to the automation surface.
  3. Enter the message.
  4. Choose a severity icon to indicate whether this is an Info, Warning, or Error type of message. The following example shows a ToastNotification component:
  5. Optional. To customize the notification, use the following properties:
    Name -- Enter an internal name for the notification.
    Alignment -- Specify where the notification is displayed on the screen.
    Background color -- Choose the background color for the notification.
    Display time -- Specify the amount of time, in milliseconds, that the notification should remain visible.
    Exit style -- Select whether the notification should fade away or immediately disappear.
    Text color -- Choose the color of the text. 


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Updated: 01 July 2024

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