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ServiceClient Component

The ServiceClient component lets you incorporate web service functionality in a Studio project. In Studio, the term web service describes a set of functions or procedures that can be accessed and executed remotely using NP, TCP, HTTP, HTTPS, and WS* protocols.

In Studio, web services can contain inputs/outputs with simple or complex data types. A complex data type is a data structure that contains multiple pieces of information. For web services containing complex types, a Toolbox group is dynamically added for the web service where all of the complex types are listed. When you select a complex type, you can see all of the properties for that type. This lets you easily access and manipulate the complex types contained in web services.

When you add this component to an automation, the system places it on the Global tab of the component tray. For more information, see Adding Global Components to an Automation. This component must be global to be referenced by other automations in the project.


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