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Runtime Tab

The Runtime Tab components are used to get project information while the project is running in Studio or loaded through Runtime/Agile Desktop. These components are actually static methods and events. When you add a Runtime component to an automation, it is applicable to that automation alone and does not fall on either the Local or Globals tab.

Method Description


Use this method to get the value of the DeploymentVersion property for the project.


Use this method to get the full path of the extracted project assembly.


Use this method to get the full path of the package loaded at runtime.


Use this method to get the value of the Version property for the project. This is the version of Studio which was used when the project was last edited and saved.


Use this method to unload the project and close Runtime.




This event occurs once, after all projects are loaded and should be the default way of being notified that projects were  started.


This event occurs when the user exits Runtime and can be cancelled from within an automation.


This event occurs once, after all projects are started.

Note that the Pega RPA Service heartbeat does not rely on events to trigger a heartbeat. Instead, the heartbeat occurs after the AllProjectsStarted event fires -- after all the handlers in automation are called.

The Pega RPA Service is set up this way because some developers use the AllProjectsStarted event to add overhead to an automation, so they can trigger a heartbeat and call for the next task (both started by the same Start method) after any overhead occurs.

For best results, only do minimal processing in an automation that is fired by this event if you are doing it synchronously because it delays other activities from happening.


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