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DiagnosticsLog Component

The DiagnosticsLog component lets you add custom entries to the RuntimeLog.txt file, Output window and/or Windows event log from specific points in an automation's execution. Use the Type field in the Properties window to select the diagnostic level for which messages are published by the DiagnosticsLog component.

Note: The Diagnostics Configuration window Log Setting supersedes the DiagnosticsLog component Type setting. For example, if the Diagnostics Configuration window setting is Warning and the DiagnosticsLog component setting is Info, Studio will only write Warning and Error messages for the DiagnosticsLog component, even though it is set to Info and would normally result in a greater number of messages.

For more information, see General Component Properties, Methods, and Events.






Indicates where within the solution that the DiagnosticsLog  is executed. A good practice is to enter text which can be used to identify which Automation holds the component.


Indicates whether the component is On or Off for the solution. When set to On, messages are written to the log file.


Indicates the level of reporting in the DiagnosticsLog in which the message is included. Your options are: Off, Error, Warning, Info, and Verbose. The Type must be of a lesser level than the level set for the Application Diagnostics on the Diagnostics Configuration window.






Result Type


Primary method that writes the message to the RuntimeLog.txt file, Output window, and/or event log when supplied with a text input parameter.

String message



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