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Boolean expression

The Boolean Expression component allows you to write expressions containing simple Boolean operators that yield a True or False result. Set the input types of the expression parameters using the Identifiers property of the component.

When you place the Boolean Expression component on an automation, a design block that contains input for the initiating event and the output result are contained within the block, along with an entry field for you to specify the expression. Expressions of undefined and defined Boolean Expression blocks are shown below:

image\ebx_943246495.gif  image\ebx_1496639615.gif

Complete the expression by entering a Boolean expression to evaluate.  For more information, see General Component Properties Methods Events.






For invalid expressions, messages regarding the invalid context display in this property.


The Boolean expression to perform. This component supports simple Boolean functions such a the following:

  • Greater than >

  • Less than <

  • Greater than or equal to >=

  • Less than or equal to <=

  • Equal to ==


Sets the types for the variables in the expression. After you enter an expression, browse this field to set the variable types using the Identifiers Editor window. Select the variable under the Members column and then select the DataType. Choose from the following options:

  • Double

  • Integer

  • String

  • Boolean

The default is Double.


Displays a value of True or False that indicates whether the syntax of the expression is accepted by Pega Robot Studio.


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