Tracing Options

The Tracing Options configure how Studio and/or Runtime/Agile Desktop outputs diagnostic messages using the Trace Publisher. For information, see Diagnostics Configuration.

This topic describes the configuration options for the Trace publisher:

Note: Use the Trace publisher under advisement of Support.


Trace Level

The Trace Level options set nature of the tracked events reported. The levels are described here:

Note: Each level stacks messages appropriate to all levels above. For example, selecting Verbose includes Information, Warning, Error, and Critical messages. When applying the trace level and the log level for the selected log categories (Studio or Runtime/Agile Desktop), the most restrictive level is used. For example, if the log level for a category is set to Error and the trace level is set to Verbose, only error level messages are generated.


Type of tracked events


This setting records negative events which indicate unexpected processing or an error. Only certain unhandled exceptions are reported.


This setting records error messages, indicating the application was not able to perform a task as expected. The application is, however, still running.


This setting records both error and warning messages.


This setting records error, warning, and informational messages. It includes successful milestones of application execution, regardless of whether the application is working properly, and provides an overview of what happened.


This setting records error, warning, informational messages and verbose debugging output.

Note: This option generates a large number of messages and is not recommended when used with multiple trace source selections.


Trace Output

The Trace Output options are:

Note that the out options may require addition configuration. For example, the SuperTrace output option contains settings in the openspan.ini file which define how the trace log files are managed.


Trace Source

The Trace Source options list the modules from which trace messages may be output. The sources can be any combination of the Available Trace Sources listed below. Example sources:

Note: The level and the source selected for tracing affect performance. For example, selecting Verbose as the trace level and All as the trace source can seriously degrade application performance.


Available Trace Sources


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